WHY SUFFER?! When kids throw tantrums, they aren’t the only ones who are miserable. Everyone within earshot gets to witness these disturbing fits. Is it bad parenting? Can a child’s tantrum behavior be corrected…or, even better, prevented? Yes, it can. Judy Colbert is an expert; she puts the cause, effect and treatment for temper tantrums in their proper perspective.

As president of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, I am always on the lookout for unique topics and the best way to do anything. Judy gives parents the reasons for tantrums and how to handle them with some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. If you have kids, you need this book. And, if you know someone who has kids, give them a copy immediately; they will thank you.

Someone should have written this long ago. Now, Judy Colbert offers the answers that parents need to handle their children’s tantrums effectively and professionally. This is a must-read for anyone with children.

~ Robin Jay, President, Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau;

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Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook front cover

Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook

Allergies cause tantrums?
Only $8.77 for the introductory price.

Children reach a certain age, about the time they have 100 to 200 words in their vocabulary, when they can't express what they want to say or do. A temper tantrum results.

If you have a child reaching or in the tantrum age, you probably know more than you want to know about time-outs. This book details what's normal and abnormal about childhood tantrums (nothing about road rage and only one reference to Olympic games and John McEnroe outbursts). There are plenty of tips about how to avoid or prevent tantrums and then plenty more about what to do should they happen anyway.

Parenting is not easy. Toddlers don't come with instruction manuals. Parents have questions about when and how to discipline their two-year-old or three-year-old. The main thing to remember is, for the most part, toddlers and children and parents all survive.

Click on this link to purchase your copy, on sale for an introductory price of $8.77! You click and PayPal approves your purchase and then a copy of the book is e-mailed to you. Search for your problem tantrum area -- grocery shopping, travel, or bedtime. It's there. Also, there are plenty of links to companies that provide products for easy travel or services (maybe it's time to get rid of your fear of flying). A print version should be available later this year.

Oh, yes, allergies, thunderstorms, liver imbalance, and numerous other outside influences can cause tantrums.

Table of Contents

What is a tantrum?
Avoiding the tantrum
Simple suggestions
Other factors
Favorite tantrum times and locations

New places and people
Quiet places


Sightseeing tips
Cruise ships

When is a tantrum more than a tantrum?
Last thoughts
Busy box reminder

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